Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New arrivals from Osmose Productions

Ad Hominem - "Antitheist" CD/DIGI CD 11.90/13.90 Euro
AD HOMINEM play AD HOMINEM and this new opus is a magistral attack to all monotheist religious with vigorous rage and hate as it should be! Digipack edition limited to first run.
Khaos Dei - "Tell Them Lucifer Was Here" CD 11.90 Euro
Right in your face, without compromise, French Khaos-Dei will nail you to the wall of DEATH ! Special edition with splicase.
Disastrous Murmur - "Rhapsodie in Red" CD 11.90 Euro
One of the very first Osmose Productions release! Re-issue after a so long sold out period. Not remastered, same sound recording taken from the original DAT tape. CD includes 8 page booklet with new layout. Black vinyl limited to 400 copies.
Necromantia - "Ancient Pride" CD 7.90 Euro
Re-Issue In Digipack Version with New Cover & Layout + 2 Bonus
Necromantia - "Crossing The Fiery Path" CD 11.90 Euro
Cult Black Metal album re-issue with Original sound recording and complete new layout.
Dodsfall - "Kaosmakt" Ltd DigiCD/LP 13.90/17.90 Euro
Limited edition Digipack CD for the first run.
KAOSMAKT is the most extreme and mature album that the band has made to date, it's a Hellride that you simply don't want to miss!!! The band recruited talented drummer J. Wallgren from Swedish Black Metal act VALKYRJA for the drum duties. VINYL LIMITED EDITION TO 300 COPIES.
Cohol - "Rigen" CD 11.90 Euro
Cohol can be resume as an Ovni. A wall of Black, Dark, and Death metal sound in a pure Japanese tradition with a massive identity. Extremely dedicated visualy speaking with a huge booklet including lyrics in Japanese and English translation. Extremely recommanded! You never heard such thing before!
Mor Dagor - "Reedemer" CD/Ltd DIGI CD 13.90/11.90 Euro
Limited edition CD Digipack to the first run.
Blasting Death Black metal at it's very best! A monument of aggression and savagery! Featuring ex Belphegor drummer. Recorded & mixed at Stage one studios by Andy Classen (Krisiun, Belphegor...)
Gehennah - "King of the Sidewalk" CD 11.90
Re-issue, same sound recording taken from the original DAT tape, including 2 bonus tracks. 12 page booklet with new layout.
Gehennah - "Decibel Rebel" CD/LP 11.90/17.90 Euro
Re-issue, same sound recording taken from the original DAT tape, including 2 bonus tracks. CD have 12 page booklet with new layout. Vinyl Re- issue on 140g black vinyl, 350g cover, 220g innersleve, and 300g insert.
Glaciation - "Sur les Falaises de Marbre" Ltd DIGICD/CD/Gatefold LP - 13.90/11.90/17.90 Euro
The amount of work is tremendous but after months of work, the band finally ended up with the album entitled “Sur les falaises de marbre” (Upon the marble cliffs) which is dense, with complex lyrics and with sound wanderings that may be confusing for one average listener. Featuring ex members from Anorexia Nervosa, Alcest, Pest Noire.
Vinyl limited to 500 copies, 140g black vinyl, 350g uncoated gatefold cover, 220g uncoated innercover. Astonishing graphic work and superb print job!

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